12/09/2008 04:28


My main services are translation (English into Spanish) and proof-reading of translations carried out by somebody else. However, I also offer other linguistic services, such as transcription of audio materials in Spanish and telephone calls to Spanish speakers on your behalf.

I mainly work within the business and technical fields, including for example:

  • economic reports and press releases;
  • Website content and product literature (including technical manuals, leaflets and safety data sheets);
  • textbooks;
  • training materials (including Powerpoint presentations);
  • newsletters and bulletins;
  • accounts and annual reports; and
  • correspondence and complaints, etc.

I can also assist with personal documents, such as birth, marriage and death certificates, last wills and testaments, statutory declarations, Decree Absolutes and adoption documents.

I can work in different file formats and I also use Translation Memory technology to ensure that I use terminology consistently no matter how big the project may be, and that I can reduce my working time (and your costs!) by not having to re-type previously translated text. If you are not familiar with this technology, let me tell you that it is a storage system for my own translations (NO MACHINE TRANSLATION IS INVOLVED).







Mabel Schenone

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