My services

A blend of training and practical knowledge

I was born in Latin America (in Argentina, to be more precise) to a family of Spaniards and I am currently living in Spain, so I am constantly in touch with my mother tongue.

I am also a qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language and I lived about 13 years in the United Kingdom, so I have living knowledge of English as well as first-hand understanding of the British culture and institutions.


I can translate your written materials in English so that they serve their intended purpose, be it to chase unpaid invoices, to close a deal, to launch new products, to inform, to book your holidays, to enquire or whatever your briefing may state.


If you are not sure about the quality of a translation, I can offer you a second opinion. I can also check a translation carried out by somebody who is not a native Spanish speaker.


If your company would like to recruit somebody with a high command of Spanish, I can assess the candidates´skills for you, both by phone and in writing.

Transcription of audio materials

Sometimes interviews, market research, surveys and even podcasts in Spanish are recorded rather than transcribed. In order for you to get them translated into English, it is always safer to get them transcribed first. Then you can send them to a qualified translator to translate into English and rest asured that the translation is as good as possible. Of course, the quality of the transcription can only be as good as the recording.

I use specialist transcription software, which allows me to keep my hands on the keyboard for an optimum use of your time... which reduces your bill at the end of the project!

Cultural briefings

If you or your staff need to be briefed about the Hispanic culture, I can prepare written or audio briefings for you.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

I also teach regularly at a local institution for adult learners.

If it involves communicating your message in Spanish and you haven´t seen the particular service you require on this page, please ask. If I cannot help you, I may be able to point in the right direction.




Mabel Schenone

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