If you are looking for a dedicated translator into Spanish, you are at the right website. You can also hopefully find useful information here.
My name is Mabel and I would like to introduce you to my various services into Spanish, my mother tongue.


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It's all about people and communication

I believe that translation is not just about rendering messages accurately into another language, but also understanding WHO the message is intended for and WHAT its intended use is.
I am committed to offering you a quality service that will exceed your requirements and expectations.
I have very good organizational skills, so when I take on a project, you can relax and leave it to me. I always aim to send my translation back before the agreed deadline and I am always happy to learn to use new software or technology. If something is not crystal clear or if the content doesn´t seem fully appropriate for its intended addressee, I will certainly discuss it with you and offer you an alternative that would work well in the eyes of a Spanish-speaker.

Visitor's notice

I am a full member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and as such, you can rest assured that you and your project will be treated professionally and in accordance with the ITI Code of Professional Conduct.

By the way, can I recommend PDFX-Change Viewer to you? I find it more useful and user-friendly than Adobe Reader. And it is also free. You can download it from www.docu-track.com/downloads/users/.


Mabel Schenone

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